PUT YOUR WASTE TO WORK Agricultural residues Non-Recyclable waste plastics 
Forest understory Residues
Beetle infested trees Hurricane debris Invasive species
Construction/Deconstruction waste Waste plastics from restoring landfills Refuse derived fuel
Poultry farm waste Bio-solids Old roof shingles Urban yard waste Pig Farm waste
Fast Food Restaurant waste Dried eutrophied lake muck Used paper Bioremediation Algae Used tires
Leftover Crops
Manure from cattle feed lots Ethanol production waste Anaerobic digestion waste
Treated wood Bio-Oil production waste Sawdust Wood chips Pine bark Pine needles
Laboratory rat bedding
Horse bedding Chicken litter Cow manure Dried sewage sludge
Food court waste
Christmas tree chips Football game waste Meals Ready to Eat Waste Oak leaves



Do you have an abundance of organic waste, such as sawdust, animal waste, bio-solids, plastics, etc.?

Do you have high disposal costs?

Do you have high energy costs?

Green Liquid and Gas Technologies
offers a waste to energy solution.

Our micro-refinery reactor, the Green Pyrolyzer Gasifier or GPG, pushes the limits of today's thermal, chemical and mechanical technologies, while applying ancient auger and carbonization techniques. By eliminating waste on-site, without expensive transportation costs, this waste to energy technology can reduce a company’s energy bill and our nation’s use of fossil fuels. 

Pyrolysis (in Greek pyros = fire, lysis = dissolution) is the decomposition of biomass and other organic materials at high temperatures in the absence of air. Pyrolysis produces pyro-char that can serve as solid fuels, bio-chars or adsorbents; pyro-liquids, a complex brew that can be distilled into automotive fuels and valuable liquid chemicals; and a mixture of pyro-gases that can provide important industrial, agricultural, commercial and other needs. Pyrolysis underlies the use of fire, which is humankind’s oldest technology.


“Biomass should make up a much greater proportion of
our nation’s fuel arsenal.”

Dr. Alex Green

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